Monday, February 11, 2008

The Woz Disses Robots... :( (kind of)

"Limits to creativity"
"Steve Wozniak has given up on artificial intelligence.
"What is intelligence?" Apple's co-founder asked an audience of about 550 Thursday at the Houston area's first Up Experience conference in Stafford.
His answer? A robot that could get him a cup of coffee.
"You can come into my house and make a cup of coffee and I can go into your house and make a cup of coffee," he said. "Imagine what it would take for a robot to do that."
It would have to negotiate the home, identify the coffee machine and know how it works, he noted.
But that is not something a machine is capable of learning — at least not in his lifetime, added Wozniak, who rolled onto the stage on his ever-present Segway before delivering a rapid-fire speech on robotics, his vision of robots in classrooms and the long haul ahead for artificial intelligence.
Billed as a day of "unique perspectives from unique people," the conference also treated attendees to talks from other notables, such as inventor Ray Kurzweil, filmmaker Dan DeVivo and author Malcolm Gladwell. World traveler Lisa Ling had to cancel at the last minute because of an assignment in Africa, conference organizers said.
For a $1,000 registration fee, about 550 attendees heard talks on subjects ranging from health care and the economy to fine dining and child advocacy delivered by experts in each field.
Earlier in the day, Kurzweil predicted it wouldn't be long before computer intelligence surpassed human intelligence..."
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