Saturday, May 19, 2012

More on Mind Controlled Robots

Great audio content on this fantastic advance from NPR:

Video from the Nature (magazine) article that's generated so much buzz:

And the article: "Mind-controlled robot arms show promise"
"...Two people who are unable to move their limbs have been able to guide a robot arm to reach and grasp objects using only their brain activity, a paper in Nature reports today1.

The study participants — known as Cathy and Bob — had had strokes that damaged their brain stems and left them with tetraplegia and unable to speak. Neurosurgeons implanted tiny recording devices containing almost 100 hair-thin electrodes in the motor cortex of their brains, to record the neuronal signals associated with intention to move..." 
Read the full article at its source:

ALSO - An older video showing a similar approach:

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