Friday, August 29, 2014

Insightful Thoughts about Robots for Students

While I personally think of the robots that students use more as Learning Resources than as Toys, the following quotes that I found at Thousands of Tiny Robots: The Modular Robotics Blog to be thought provoking and insightful!
From the post titled "Why Robots? An Introduction"...  

"... robot toys are a lot of fun and have some great life skills embedded into the play experience."


"...robot toys are the opening move in a game of chess that could result in humanity reaching fantastic new heights"

I absolutely agree and recommend that you check out the full  post at the blog, the source of the above quotes:


PS - by the way, I was quite impressed with what I saw of MOSS/Modular Robotics at the recent ISTE Conference in Atlanta (June, 2014). You'll find it in my Report on Robotics Resources @ ISTE that I posted shortly after returning from the conference

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