Wednesday, September 17, 2014

RoboSnail Robot Eliminates Dirty Job of Cleaning Home Aquarium Tanks,

Evolution of the RoboSnail:  From Idea to Reality
The saying that necessity is the mother of invention actually is more true than you may imagine.  In fact, this especially true when developing tools or new process methods in order to achieve a desired end result to already existing or potential problems.  This necessity to develop a better process was the driving force when it came to the development of my current item the RoboSnail, the world’s first and only automated aquarium glass cleaner.

Coming Up With the Idea
The “ah-ha” moment came while I was attending San Diego State University, pursuing my degree for international business.  I used my aquarium as my outlet for stress and a way to escape the day to day drudgery of everyday life.  But with everything life sometimes has a way of creeping into your tranquil zones or escapes and reminds you that with everything there are equal and opposite forces keeping the world at balance.  In the case of a salt water reef aquarium the reality was that it needed a lot of maintenance in order to maintain a living slice of ocean in your living room.  So after putting hard days at work and school sometimes the aquarium would become neglected and so that became a job. It was just another thing added to the list of things to do before I could have some me time.  The biggest noticeable obstruction to enjoying my hobby was not necessarily the water parameters, but the green blanket of algae that had coated the entire surface of my main viewing glass within just a few days.  Now I would have to clean that before I could enjoy the tank.  More neglect meant more intensive cleaning sessions which sometimes led to accidents like scratching your glass by scraping too hard.  This led to the necessity question: Is there a better way?  On that day, the idea for the RoboSnail was born.  So what was the next step?  Was it possible to make such a device?  Who would do it, how much would it cost, where would it get done, and the list kept growing.  These are fundamental questions to consider when creating anything new and can be applied to any “widget”...

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