Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Robot Guide Dogs? The Technology's There, How About Human Acceptance?

OK, robots aren't soft and cuddly; they don't need a belly rub, either. On the other hand they don't need to be walked and there's nothing to scoop.  Maybe it's good to have the option of either a dog OR a robot...

Which would you prefer? Dog or Robot? Why?

"Why a robot could never replace a guide dog
30 Mar 2015
Following the news that robot “guide dogs” have been developed by researchers, fans of guide dogs have taken to the web to express why a robot could never replace the real thing. Here’s our top ten:

Robots don't have hearts

A guide dog is so much more than a mobility aid. When they’re not working they behave just like a pet dog and are adored by their owners and show love in return.

True, a robot is all business, all the time!

Friends for life

There are many people with sight loss who rarely leave home on their own and many more who say they feel cut off from the people and world around them. A guide dog is a companion who provides company and friendship as well as assistance.

Depends on what you program the robot to do...

Part of the family

A guide dog isn’t just there to support its owner; guide dogs become part of the family and are adored by everyone.

Adorable is subjective. Take a look at this cutie:

You can’t cuddle a robot
Have you tried? It’s nowhere near as soft and warm as these little puppies.

OK, no cuddling. But then again, no fleas, 'accidents' behind the sofa, scratching, or puppies to find homes for :)

World class dogs

The Guide Dogs charity has trained guide dogs for more than 80 years and the techniques are pretty advanced. Guide dogs are bred for their exceptional attributes that make them among the most loyal and trusted canine companions in the world.

So why are robots a threat?

A robot doesn’t want its tummy tickled

There’s no denying that robots are pretty cool, but they are far less cute when you rub their tummies!

They don't have tummies... duh! Also, they don't have tummy problems.

Guide dogs can go up steps

So can Robots!


A guide dog and their owner have a truly unique partnership that is built on trust and understanding. Guide dogs can learn a huge amount about their owners from their height to their length of stride.

Dogs are wonderful. Robots are programmed to learn the things they need to know to do their job. There are partners and then there are partners. Check out this Toyota Partner Robot: 

Batteries not included

Guide dogs don’t run out of batteries so they’ll never leave you stranded.

Try not feeding your guide dog for a couple of days. They need fuel, too.

The robot looks like a lawn mower

Some robots look like dogs. Ever seen Asimo?

Enough said!"

Plenty said in a pointless argument. Robot guides are not intended to replace dogs. Simply to  function as guides for those who would prefer a machine over a dog.

See full article at its  source:

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