Thursday, November 5, 2015

Delivery Robot... great for schools?

Here's a real world robot that might make a great item for schools. Not only would it deliver things around the school building or campus, but it would make a perfect focus for kids to get a taste of the evolving world of robotics as students observe, live with, and even use this robot, which is 'good to go' to do real work in the real world. This would elevate STEM learning from the LEGO Robotics level of model and miniature robots to one in which real working robots are in actual service in a 21st Century learning and working environment...


"This self-driving delivery robot is coming soon to sidewalks"

"The future of delivery might involve small drones zooming above pedestrians, cyclists and motorists at high speeds. Amazon and now Wal-Mart are moving down this path. Or it might be something a lot slower that travels on sidewalks.
On Monday, a London startup founded by two Skype co-founders unveiled their self-driving delivery robot. It bumbles along at a whopping 4 mph.
That’s slightly faster than a pedestrian but slower than a jogger.
Starship Technologies says the 40-pound robot could make local deliveries in 30 minutes or less. The technology could be useful for neighborhood restaurants and retailers. Because the robot is largely automated, requiring almost no human involvement, Starship Technologies thinks the costs of delivering goods will drop by an order of magnitude. The slow speed and grounded approach also removes some of the safety concerns with drone delivery.
A customer could follow the robot’s progress on an app, and would be alerted when his or her delivery arrived. The cargo bay is locked to prevent theft, which only the customer could open with the app’s help..."
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