Friday, January 8, 2016

Las Vegas Sun Sees Robotics Taking Center Stage of Classroom Technology

Important article from Las Vegas Sun

"Reading, writing, robots: A look at education technology on display at CES"

"Technology in the classroom has come a long way.
What started with a simple chalkboard has evolved into projectors, computers, tablets and now robots. If you go by what you see at CES, which kicked off Tuesday in convention centers on the Strip, the beeping, booping machines are the future of technology in the classroom.

It’s not a surprise that the programmable gizmos are taking center stage given the recent obsession with improving science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.
Here are some of the leading-edge education products on display Wednesday at CES:

Lego’s WeDo 2.0
By far the biggest name in the CES education sphere, Lego unveiled its customizable robot a day before the start of the conference. Meant specifically for use in the classroom and an upgrade from a previous model, the robot is a blocky Lego creation but includes a motor, Bluetooth communicator and several other high-tech sensors. Kids assemble the WeDo, then use an app that runs on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers to give it basic commands. The program allows young kids to grasp the concept of coding by reducing the process to a simple drag and drop. What’s more: The WeDo comes paired with 40 hours of classroom curriculum that teachers can use with the robot to teach concepts in subjects like science..."

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