Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Robot Kills Husband, Leaving Well-Fixed Widow!

From Channelate 

Hmmmmm.... Where did this guy go wrong? In the build? In the programming? In allowing his wife access to the programming interface? In not noticing that the provider of the programming software had slipped in some robot self-programming A. I. routines? Or was he some sort of suicidal who's idea of making life easier is to leave the wife behind with a few bucks to spend after he's gone. So many questions! What do you think?

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Additional prompts for reflection:
Who (or what) is actually responsible for this crime?  
What was the motive?
Was another crime contemplated and then never committed?
Imagine the back story or prequel to this  What would that be? What would the sequel be?
Do you think the wife and the robot want to get married? Would that be legal?
If the wife dies before the robot will it inherit the insurance money?
Can you think of any other robot against human murders in other fiction?
Dr, Rose Reissman

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