Saturday, July 30, 2016

What? Teachers Don't Want to Give Their Kids Robotics? That's Not Smart, Colleagues!

Interesting article about a disappointing phenomenon :( :( :(  from TEACHER/Education Week

"Study: Teachers Are Wary of Using Robots in Class, Despite Seeing Benefits

15322867092_cff5ddf549_o.jpgEducational robotics have become increasingly reliable, affordable, and appealing, educators in the field believe—yet they still have qualms about using them for instruction, says a new European study that looks at teachers' attitudes and perceptions of robots in the classroom.

For the study, which was recently published in IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, a team of researchers from NCCR Robotics and the European research unit LSRO, EPFL surveyed a small group of teachers in Switzerland who had completed training sessions in 2013 and 2014 for the Thymio educational robot. Thymio is a small programmable robot on wheels that lights up in different... "

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