Friday, September 16, 2016

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Student Robotics, has shown itself to be an approach that very positively impacts learning in the area of math...

LEGO® Education Takes Pledge to Support “With Math I Can!”

'LEGO® Education supports the “With Math I Can!” initiative to change students’ mindsets about math.

Boston, Mass – Sept. 15 – Today, September 15th, LEGO® Education North America is taking the “With Math I Can!” pledge by supporting the national initiative focused on changing students’ mindsets about math. By taking the pledge, LEGO® Education is joining other leading education organizations and challenging the nation’s more than three million teachers and their students to take a pledge which supports developing a growth mindset in children around math. Establishing a growth mindset allows students to celebrate mistakes and learn to grow, become confident when sharing their thinking, and persevere through difficult practices.

According to a survey by Change the Equation, more than 50 percent of people in the United States aged 18 to 34 say they cannot do math. Math is becoming increasingly important in future jobs. Developing a growth mindset and teaching 21st century skills to our youth will not only translate to math skills, but will also set students up for future success in any field or job.

Colin Gillespie, President of LEGO® Education North America said, “LEGO® Education believes that we must provide our students with the tools to think creatively, reason systematically, and not be afraid of making mistakes. Giving our students the skills to do this will help prepare them for the future. This is why we are proud to support the ‘With Math I Can!’ initiative and support growth mindsets”.

LEGO® Education is taking the “With Math I Can!” pledge because it is committed to helping every student succeed and strive to make learning inspiring, engaging, and more importantly effective. When students and teachers take the “With Math I Can” pledge, they pledge to: “stop saying ‘I'm not good at math’ and approach math with a growth mindset. We will work hard to grow our math understanding, attitude, and outlook. We know that, With Math, We Can…do anything.”

LEGO® Education encourages others to also make the pledge. Visit to learn more about LEGO® Education, why it supports the movement, and how to take the pledge.

About LEGO® Education
LEGO® Education offers playful learning experiences and teaching solutions based on the LEGO® system of bricks, curriculum-relevant material, and physical and digital resources to preschool, elementary, middle school, and after school. In partnership with educators for more than 35 years, we support teaching in an inspiring, engaging, and effective way. Our educational solutions, which range from humanities to science, enable every student to succeed by encouraging them to become active, collaborative learners, build skills for future challenges, and establish a positive mind-set toward learning.'

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