Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"New Kid-oriented Robot"

Good piece from CNET...

"Cue is a comedian trapped in a robot body

The new kid-oriented robot has four personalities to choose from and you can even have a text conversation with it.

Fancy a friendly game of soccer with your robot pal? San Mateo, California-based Wonder Workshop's new Cue robot will be your own personal David Beckham.

The kid-oriented Cue does bear a resemblance to Sphero's BB-8, but LED lights on its face give the robot more personality than the Star Wars droid.

It also has a more robust personality as users can choose one of four avatars, each with different character traits. You get one avatar out of the box then pay an extra $4.99 each to add the other three.

Send text messages to Cue through the app and it responds with sound, movement or snarky remarks depending on what you ask. You can also code Cue using block-based programming or Javascript.

Powered by an artificial intelligence engine, the more you interact with Cue the more it learns about you. It's a little like Anki's Cozmo robot that expresses emotions and changes how it responds based on your previous interactions.."

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