Monday, April 2, 2018

Teaching Students About Robots is Cool!

"Cool Kid Ben Indeglia teaches Compton students about robotics

Cool Kid Ben Indeglia is proof that just one person can make a big difference. He took his passion for robotics and teamed up with the Compton Unified School District to help teach robotics to students who were never exposed to this particular science before.

Nearly every Saturday, you'll find Indeglia teaching young kids about robotics.

"It's really exciting, and it's even more exciting when the kids not only first see the robot move but have the robot do exactly what they want to do," the 18-year-old senior said.

This all started three years ago when Indeglia realized he was fortunate to learn robotics at New Roads School in Santa Monica.

"I decided hey, what if I went to a place where probably kids don't have a robotics program and tried to implement one there," he said.

Ben chose Compton, and after teaming up with his former 8th-grade teacher, he started a GoFundMe campaign and purchased equipment for 20 students.

Now, the program includes about 200 kids at more than 20 schools with the help of grant funding.

"They're learning all of the fundamental concepts, loops and decisions and switches. In their minds, they can kind of see themselves doing this as a career," said Danny Figueroa, a teacher at New Roads Middle School..."

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