Thursday, June 14, 2018

American Schools MUST Prepare for the "Jobs Apocalypse" Automation Will Bring

(from the article, below;):
"Part of the problem is that policymakers are not moving quickly enough to update the education system and provide workers with the skills that will be needed when these bottom-tier jobs are replaced by automation..."

That's the UNDERSTATEMENT of the millennium !!!! The Education Sector is somewhat oblivious to this issue AND even that small portion of visionary educators who are aware and willing to act, are clueless about what best to do. We CAN'T address this by simply teaching kids to code... within a decade computers will be doing coding for us. We need some deeper thinking and we need it now!

Still, fully pulling Robotics into schools and making it part of their core body of practice is the best way to start. Robots have to be embraced as part of Education and NOT as an enemy to it! Student Robotics represents important learning opportunity!


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