Thursday, October 24, 2019

Robotical's 'Marty' Student Robot STEAM Resource - Improved and Poised to Inspire Young Engineers and Cretors

"Marty the Robot Gets Makeover

Robotical, an Edinburgh, UK robotics company that introduced "Marty" in 2016 as a STEM learning tool, has announced a second-generation version that comes with new resources for the classrooms. "Marty 2.0," like the original one, is described as a walking robot that can be built and programmed by students. The new version is scheduled to ship in early 2020.
Marty includes WiFi connectivity, nine controllable motors and several sensors. Students can program the robot with Scratch, Python, JavaScript and ROS (an open source operating system for robots). The new edition will offer:
  • Sound and speech capabilities;
  • Improved sensors for proximity detection;
  • "Smart servos" that allow Marty to be "poseable," enabling users to teach Marty movements by moving him around;
  • A modular expansion interface;
  • A learning platform

    Marty 1.0 was WiFi-compliant; Marty 2 will include WiFi as well as Bluetooth and USB compatibility. While the current version was charged with a nine-volt cable, the new one can be charged with USB C fast-charging.

    While the original Marty was expected to take three to four hours to build and was recommended for students 14 and older, the newer edition will take about an hour to put together and is suggested for students 10 and older. (With simplified build variants, it's also suitable for those 7 and older, according to the company.)

    Teachers will gain access to lesson plans, teacher training and extra support, all workable with laptop, tablet and iPad."

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