Sunday, November 10, 2019

I like this example of Authentic, Project-Based, Student Robotics Learning: from makeblock

For those who, like me, find wonderful opportunities for Project Based/Authentic Learning with Robotics, here's an interesting program from MakeBlook (appeared in my email In Box this morning)...

"We would like to announce that the final round for mTiny Coding Camp has begun!
Previously, we’ve selected 10 schools to create videos on students playing with mTiny. Start from today untill 28th Nov, you can share the school videos with your communities and others, invite them to vote for you. Don’t forget, the 3 schools with the most votes will receive 5 mTiny units for each school..."

Vote Now

After registering (FREE) I was taken by link to a page of videos apparently sent in by schools... the videos show kids working with the robots. I think schools documenting and sharing their learning activities this way is a first step toward Education's next level future... Also, great to see groups of kids collaboratively working with robots and doing real things with them confidently at such an early age. I find this initiative inspiring...


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