Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Downturn Busywork for Automotive Engineers = Robotics Creativity!

The Pivo2 comes complete with a robotic companion -- a mechanical head that bobs near the steering wheel and speaks with what the automaker describes as a "cute electronic voice."
The little robot can detect changes in facial expression and responds by chirping suggestions to the driver to relax, for instance, or to stop someplace for coffee.


"Cutting-edge quirkiness: Designers, engineers are encouraged to experiment"
"The Tokyo motor show hasn't always been the showcase for weird and wacky cars, but it has earned that reputation in recent years. And judging from the roster of concept vehicles going on display this week, it's well deserved.
Scoring high on the bizarre scale is Honda Motor Co.'s Puyo -- a bubble-topped, fuel-cell car with a slightly squishy exterior that can take a dent and recover its shape a bit like a Tempur-Pedic mattress.
Honda said its objective was to create a clean, friendly car "with the feel of an adorable pet..."

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