Saturday, October 13, 2007

Newer and Truer Meaning for the Phrase "My Better Half"?

From: Sify News
"Humans will soon say ‘I Do’ to robots, says scientist"
"London: People might soon be tying the knot with robots, for a British scientist has predicted that androids are the perfect marriage material.
David Levy has been awarded a doctorate by Maastricht University for his thesis entitled ‘Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners,’ wherein he claims that humans and cyborgs will say ‘I Do’ to each other in the near future.

"Trends in robotics and shifting attitudes on marriage are likely to result in sophisticated robots that will eventually be seen as suitable marriage partners,” Ananova quoted Levy, as saying..."
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Amusing contextualizing ditty: (from AOL Television) - The Jetsons Episode "Wedding Bells for Rosey" (Rosie was the Jetson family's robot maid)
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