Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The ART of Robotics: An Important "Next Step" Agenda Item

From: Science Alive - New Zealand Science Center - 2007 Christchurch Robocup Junior Competition Photos

Recently, a listener to The Teachers Podcast ( ), Ms. Linda Baran, a teacher at Selwyn House School – Christchurch, New Zealand, emailed us about her and her students' experiences with the wonderful Robo Cup Jr. program. Wonderful especially because it offers an opportunity for youngsters to become involved with robotics-based learning acitivities that are altenative or additional to the FIRST LEGO League competition. While 'FLL' is wonderful in its own right, it addresses a different set of needs than the very creativity and non-competitive oriented RoboCup Jr. This approach represents an important next step agenda item for robotics enthusiast educators as we craft a complete and balanced program for youngsters. Folow this link to photo and information about the program as it runs currently in New Zealand, which is further along this road than the American program and gives a broader picture at this point of its potential.

Also, keep your eyes on a new program in this rich educational context currently forming in New York City "RoboFest NY" More to come on this as information is released.

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