Monday, January 21, 2008

Golfer, Caddy, and Golf Cart all in one?

From: Express India
"In the making, a golfing robot"
"New Delhi - Amid a plethora of glittering motorcars at the just-concluded Auto Expo, there was this unusual sight, at a robotics show in the Andhra Pavilion—a lonely robot arm, patiently wielding a golf wedge, trying to hook a golf ball into a hole a little over a couple of metres away.
So that’s the end of golfing pros? Not really. The arm, developed by Precision Automation & Robotics India Ltd (PARI) is just an experiment, as Milind Adkar, their regional sales chief (north) pointed out to Sportline.

'In perfect conditions back in our lab we were hitting around 90 per cent successful shots, but in these conditions at the fair we make around 70 per cent.' It is more of an academic study by the Narhe, Maharashtra company (with operations in eight facilities worldwide, including the US) that could one day yield practical results.

Quite in keeping with the way Indian minds work, problems of handling multiple wind vectors, and resistances, it is probably an attempt at finding the right solution to those missed shots of Tiger Woods.

Maybe Woods would do better with a robotics firm instead of a software application conglomerate.

At least, somebody might want to look into Arjun Atwal’s putting sequences a little closely. "

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