Thursday, October 27, 2016

Plobot - a robot for young kids to learn programming

I got the message below in my In Box this morning. This looks like a very good learning resource to me!
I love the story behind it as well. Yes, far better than from a "fancy PR agency"!



Hi !

As a father, I am always concerned about the virtual world my daughter seems to be immerse every time there is a screen in front of her. And I am not saying that just because. I teach robotics at NYU Shanghai because I think there is something valuable in technology for our next generation.

As a teacher, I feel we are just not equipped properly for the speed of change that this digital era brought to us. We have iPads at school, smart screens but not so much changed in class management. I still have to show them and ask them not to touch so many things when I teach science at primary schools. And I feel sorry for that. We should be able to ask them to experiment non-stop. 

In any case, I made an Arduino robot that works with RFID cards for my classes. And I think it is something any Pre-K or Grade 1~4 would want to have. Let me attach a press release I prepared. It might not be professional but I thought you would rather read from me directly than from some fancy PR agency.

We are live at kickstarter ( and we just got selected by them as *projects we love*.


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