Friday, October 28, 2016

Teachers: You can start your own robotics program!

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Lego robotics is  hands-on, collaborative, authentic learning experience, and Mark Gura wants you to give it a try.

Gura, the author of the ISTE book Getting Started with Lego Robotics, understands how daunting it can be to start a robotics program from scratch. That’s why he wants to help other educators like you by sharing information you need to get started. He’s one of three guests presenting “Creative Technology Use in K-12,” a webcast hosted by School Library Journal in partnership with ISTE.

Sign up for the Jan. 27 web event to learn how you can teach coding to kids of varying ages, abilities and learning styles, and find resources and tips on student-designed robotic projects.

Gura will be joined by Colleen Graves, a teacher-librarian from Denton, Texas, and Sharon Thompson, the CEO and founder of Dream Workshop.

The webinar is past but the value the book offers continues!

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