Monday, August 14, 2017

From 8th grade science fair project robotic arm to changing the world

In my In Box: from Microsoft...

"Putting heart into robotics: Easton LaChappelle

Curiosity led young inventor Easton LaChappelle to dedicate six years creating accessible artificial limb technology that may eventually change the lives of people around the world – and it all started with one young girl...

 ...When Easton LaChappelle submitted a robotic arm for his 8th grade science fair, he wasn’t expecting it to turn into something so much bigger. But on that day, after meeting a little girl whose basic prosthetic arm had cost her family more than $80,000, he found his purpose. Ever since, he’s worked with determination and Microsoft tools to create affordable and exceptional robotic technology that could go on to benefit people in need of artificial limbs, as well as building the business to make it all happen."

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