Saturday, February 24, 2018

From CES 2018 - Student Robots and STEM Resources

STUDENT STEM things... from the Consumer Electronics Show 2018

And below, a very nice piece sent by TechTerra... 

CES 2018 – TechTerra’s Takeaway

CES 2018 was a colossal event. And as exciting as promised. Over 180,000 attendees and over 4,000 vendors made for the show of the year. Our team spent hours exploring new edtech tools. From the 100% autonomous shuttle, pictured above, to Scrabble-playing robots to new coding tools to virtual and augmented reality and so much more, it was mind-opening as always to see and handle the new products and to talk with the developers.
Big picture

Our take-away from the show is that companies are getting better at figuring out how their tools can fit student needs for STEM. Block-based code was popping up across learning kits. Makeblock is using another popular code, flow programming with their new Neuron Kit, electronic programmable blocks. The Robotis humanoid robot allows students to 3D print robotic limbs and code for authentic STEM learning.
FROM the Recent Consumer Electronics Show....

AI and machine learning had the greatest presence across the event. The award winning tool, the best of STEM winner, went to the companion dog. We see this technology becoming mainstream in schools through robots and devices collecting information and then learning and responding like human beings. All of our daily lives will soon be impacted by AI and machine learning. Educators need to be ready for the impact.

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