Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Robobo: Phone-Driven Robtics for Students

From this morning's In Box... a clever approach to Student Robotics!

Robobo is the next generation of educational robot. We have developed a mobile base that can hold a Smartphone, allowing to use state-of-the-art technology to carry out autonomous robotics projects in the classroom or at home. We have also developed a series of applications that allow you to program Robobo easily from any computer, and thus use all this technology. Read on for more details on the Robobo project.


Robobo creators come from research and university teaching in autonomous robotics. Our experience has allowed us to develop this new concept of educational robot focused on a fundamental idea: the robots that are currently used in robotics teaching are technologically limited, which separate them from being useful for a realistic practical learning. In addition, they get outdated very soon, requiring a continuous reinvestment. With Robobo, this problem disappears, because the smartphone always contains the latest technology, so if one becomes obsolete, it is enough to replace it with another one with greater capabilities. The Robobo base and the applications to program it will keep on working, which turns Robobo into a long-term educational tool.


The real goal of the Robobo Project is to advance in autonomous robotics learning. Thanks to the Smartphone's technology, with Robobo it is possible to use advanced capabilities such as vision, sound recognition, speech production, tactile interaction, etc. But autonomous robotics learning requires of suitable didactic material. For this reason, one of the main developments within the Robobo Project has been the creation of learning guides and teaching units, both for the teacher and the student, all made by university professors with extensive experience in robotics. For more information about the Robobo educational curriculum, you can access our website at the following link.

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