Friday, March 30, 2018

Students Learn Math to Standards with LEGO Robotics

A very worthwhile academic paper...

"In the new global economy, all students must be prepared to compete with students from around the world. Students are expected to develop a deeper mastery of content and demonstrate what they know through writing and other projects..."

“The REU Mathematics team used NXT LEGO® Robotics to teach various scientific, mathematical, and design concepts, through designing, building, and programming the robots at each level. The students’ received hands on experience with physics, mathematics, motion, environmental factors, and used problem solving in a collaborative groups…”

Click on book cover for information

Click on book cover for information
Getting Started with LEGO Robotics. Anyone who works with kids can do LEGO Robotics, a rich and highly motivating platform for important STEM Learning! (surprisingly affordable, too) This books explains it all!

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