Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hero Student, Kendrick Castillo, Honored by Student Robotics World

Kendrick Castillo, Senior at the STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado, rushed 2 gunmen and  prevented  a widespread mass shooting by giving his classmates time to escape. He was shot and died in the process. The hero student was known for his interest in Engineering and Robotics, being a member of the school's FIRST Robotics Team, IMPULSE (team # 4418). FIRST “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology”) is the international organization that has popularized Student Robotics globally. Beyond Robotics, its goals focus on student character and professional behavior. Through core values like Gracious Professionalism, FIRST fosters selfless dedication to group effort and community well being.

The tragic but inspiring incident has caught the attention of young people everywhere.

For instance, Gary Israel, Director of the FIRST team titled 2TRAIN ROBOTICS (New York City) sent out the following email to team members and members of the very large community that supports it, this morning:

"It is with great sadness that we have learned that a fellow FIRST student, Kendrick Castillo, was killed in the attack on the STEM School Highlands Ranch this week; his quick action saved lives.  As many of you have probably heard, Kendrick was on a path to pursue his love of mechanical engineering, and he was just days away from graduating. 

Perhaps the best way to remember him is by practicing acts of kindness and to contributing, in any amount, to the memorial fund that his team set up. 

Kendrick was selfless to his last moments, and a true hero."

Additional information about team #4418, IMPULSE, Kendrick's team:

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