Monday, May 27, 2019

Kinazium Student Robotics Environment

Don't know that I think this is a gamer changer, but having kids construct environments in which to run their robots and test out their capacity to handle barriers and physical challenges is definitely a part of the richness of Student Robotics. This appears to be a low cost way for teachers (and others who guide student roboticists) to standardize those environments and get some control over what students create them from, how they store them, etc. Could be a nice addition to  a classroom robotics set up.Good idea!


  1. Dear Sir, I live in Mexico and I am an English teacher, my students are majoring in diverse things including robotics. Could it be possible to build up a team so my students get in touch with all the things you have posted and maybe with other students?

  2. I recommend you start by getting a copy of my book "Getting Started with LEGO Robotics" which has all of the background info you'll need... when you feel you have a sufficient grounding (covered in the book) go to the website of FIRST LEGO League to register your team...