Monday, July 16, 2007

Reliable Robots: Video Content for Students

I just received the following announcement from The Futures Channel. As always, their videos are very high quality instructional content for students. This one on Robots used for applications like space exploration is wonderful.

"Problem Solving - Reliable Robots
With millions of miles between them and their robots, NASA's robotics engineers have to make sure they have thought of everything before they send the robots on their way. Show your students how probability plays a crucial role in designing the robotic systems that we rely on to carry out missions in space too dangerous or impossible for humans.

"As a mathematics educator and author, during the past decade I have primarily been involved with issues related to girls and STEM. It has been this interest that has led to my excitement on viewing so many films produced by The Futures Channel.

"By focusing on the role of math in the real world, Futures Channel films address the question so frequently asked by math students … "what is this good for?" "Where does mathematics fit in the real world?" The accompanying lesson guides help educators and students make these connections.

"I highly recommend Reliable Robots, as well as the entire library of Futures Channel films, not only to educators, but to parents, and of course students, as well."

Teri Perl, Ph.D, Past President Expanding Your Horizons Network
Watch the movie:

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