Thursday, July 19, 2007 Outstanding Educational Resource to support Teaching and Learning About Engineering

Teachers involved in any portion of the STEM continuum will want to know about this wonderful resource.
”Try is a resource for students (ages 8-18), their parents, their teachers and their school counselors. This is a portal about engineering and engineering careers, and we hope it will help young people understand better what engineering means, and how an engineering career can be made part of their future…”
Here are a few of the many valuable items found on the site:
· Descriptions of the lifestyles and experiences of engineers,
· Hands-on experiments and activities,
· Referrals to summer programs and internship opportunities, and search tools for schools that offer engineering programs.
· A portal to send questions to engineering students in universities and to practicing engineers.
· Teaching resources,

”This portal is brought to you by engineers and educators, and is a collaboration of engineering associations, industry, and teacher/counselor organizations…

…We all believe that engineering is an exciting and rewarding profession, and invite you to share in our enthusiasm about this rich and influential discipline.”

Among the many teaching resources is the following lesson plan.

Build Your Own Robot Arm
Lesson Focus: Develop a robot arm using common materials. Students will explore design, construction, teamwork, and materials selection and use.
Ages 8-18.”
Check Out: "CLASSROOM ROBOTICS" (the book)

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