Saturday, August 25, 2007

Even Robots Get Make-Overs :)

From Yahoo! News:
"Robotic vacuum gets a redesign"
"...Nearly five years after rolling onto the market, the Roomba vacuum cleaner has undergone a ground-up redesign that has endowed the otherwise-brainy robot with the smarts to overcome rug tassels and electrical cords. .."
Also: There is more to Roomba than cleaning rugs!
1) RoombaDevTools line of products provides various interfaces for the iRobot Roomba Floorvac to be used as a robotic base for experimentation, academic, and commercial solutions...
2) "Pretty Flippin' Awesome" YouTube video of a geek's hack of a Roomba with Wii controler and software...
Check Out: "CLASSROOM ROBOTICS" (the book)

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