Sunday, August 26, 2007

This Docent NEVER Dozes!

A decent docent doesn't doze,
But bright and sprightly, on her toes -
Her well-appointed rounds she goes,
And erudition from her flows
hi audible and lucid prose.

From WAZIWAZI Robotics Today:

"Toyota's New Tour Guide Robot"

"Toyota announced today a tour guide robot (with a cool hair-do) that will show visitors around its exhibition hall in Toyota City. There's not much detail about the robot named Robina, but the press release says the wheeled robot can communicate with visitors verbally and using gestures..."
But hey, that's not all - Robina is a robot of many talents -
Like, receptionist, for instance
From: ubergizmo
"TPR-Robina robot from Toyota"
Or hall monitor...
From: Edmunds INSIDELINE:
"Toyota's Latest Model Has a Face and Can Sign Autographs"

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