Thursday, August 30, 2007

From Car to i-Swing...What a Segway!

(above from

From AHN - All Headline News:
"Toyota, Sony To Develop Car Robot"
"Tokyo, Japan (AHN) - Japan's technology giants have joined forces to develop an intelligent personal transporter, according to the Associated Press..."

From: gizmag
'Toyota's i-swing personal mobility concept"
"Toyota has debuted its latest personal mobility concept at the Tokyo Show today to massive public interest. Toyota's i-swing is a new personal mobility vehicle in the same vein as the personal mobility models (such as the PM , i-unit and I-foot ) Toyota has exhibited previously but one that takes the concept several steps further, with the capability of operating in a similar manner to the Segway
in two wheeled mode at walking pace on a footpath so it takes up little space, or transform to a three-wheeled mode for road speeds..."

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