Wednesday, December 12, 2007

(BRONX) FIRST Robotics Competition Slide Show

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Last Saturday I attended the FIRST LEGO League 2007 Power Puzzle Challenge at Lehman High School in The Bronx. If you haven't seen a robotics competition, what Dean Kamen (guiding light of FIRST) calls a "Coopertition", you are missing out on an alternative vision of what Education can be. As Dean says " “Create demand among kids and the rest will follow” and I can't think of any philosophy of teaching and learning that holds more truth.

What you are seeing here are students, teachers, and parents on a SATURDAY. These people could have been flaked out in front of the tube, assuaging the pain of modern life with Gino's Pizza Rolls, but they chose instead to spend the day in challenging LEARNING activities. Either something is very wrong or very right here, and I think it's the latter!!!