Saturday, December 15, 2007

Meet the Real Lawnmower Man

From Wired Magazine (product reviews)
"LawnBott LB3200 Evolution"
Nothing beats mowing the yard while relaxing in a hammock with a beer and the paper — good thing LawnBott shears up to 30,000 square feet of grass all by itself. The sensor causes a directional shift whenever the mini mower bumps into an object at least 4 inches high or detects a perimeter wire you've laid out. When the rechargeable lithium batteries start to run down, the little guy returns to its docking station to juice up. And it uses only about $10 worth of electricity a year, so even the greenest gardeners have zero reason to stress. The bot can be programmed to a regular schedule, and it's so quiet you can set it to mow at the crack of dawn while you sleep in. $2,499,

ALSO see review From A Trendy Home
"Home > Outdoor Living > Lawnbott Robotic Lawn Mower Evolution Model LB3200"
"Designed in Italy, with the most advanced software available, the Evolution is for the discerning homeowner who wants only the best. The Evolution is the only robotic mower with Adaptive Programming Technology. Its learning computer actually reprograms itself to adapt to the cutting requirements of your yard. This not only conserves battery life and lengthens the durability of the electric motors, it also contributes to a healthier looking lawn. Advanced Spiral Cut programming allows the Evolution to concentrate, by spiraling outwards, from any area where it senses higher grass. This feature helps to assure an evenly cut lawn. LawnBott Evolution is able to cover areas up to 33,000 sq. ft. That represents approximately ¾ acre of lawn! And, it will also navigate slopes of up to 27°. This amazing Lawnbott automatic robotic lawn mower does the work for you! This Evolution model, robotic lawn mowers will cut your grass, everyday, freeing you to do the things you enjoy. Spend Saturday’s with the kids, play golf, relax. Its up to you, with KA you have One Less Thing to Worry About...."
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