Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tireless, Fearless Rent-a-Cop

"Korean Scientists Build Autonomous Mobile Robot"
"A Korean research team has developed an autonomous mobile robot that can be used to patrol industrial facilities or apartment complexes.

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology said Thursday that its "Securo" (SECUrity RObot), developed by the team led by Dr. Kang Sung-chul, passed a recent test by successfully navigating a one km-long course by itself.

Using a built-in global positioning system and laser image scanner, the robot moved along a pre-set route at a speed of 5.4 km/h within an error range of 10 cm without human control.

The robot can identify obstacles by directing laser beams in front of it in a semicircular pattern and reading the reflected signals.

Other moving robots depend greatly on GPS, which can be problematic in urban areas where tall buildings and trees block the satellite signals.

Securo can also be used to perform surveillance operations or deliver military supplies because it can take photos and send them to a remote control center as it moves.:
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