Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Next! But first let the robot wash your hair...

Panasonic's hair washing  robot... no need to tip it!

"Panasonic Tests a Hair Washing Robot

Panasonic recently demonstrated the first ever robotic hair washing machine which is now being tested at a hair salon in Japan and might replace human hair washers in the future. Should hair stylists have anything to worry about?

Back in 2010 Panasonic displayed a prototype of a new type of robot that can perform a feet only humans have done so far - wash and shampoo hair. Two years later and the robot seems ready for prime time in the first robotic hair salon in the world.

The new robot utilizes a special mechanism that learns a variety of head shapes and was developed to resemble a human person giving a head massage. Initially the robot uses a large amount of hot water to loosen up the hair and apply a small amount of hair gel and shampoo to the user. The next step for the robot is to wash the hair using water coming from a number of small nozzles and then moving on to massage the scalp by applying 24 robber "fingers".

The fingers can be finely moved using separate independent mechanisms for a comfortable fit to any head size (the robot uses a special arm that can extend to support different head sizes). There are 8 fingers on each side plus 8 fingers at the base of the scalp. The robot also sprays a special hair conditioner in the form of a mist that spreads uniformly across the hair. In the final stage the robot gives the user a full and relaxing head massage while blow-drying the hair.

According to Panasonic the applications of the robotic hair washer go far beyond normal hair salons. Hospitals as well as nursing homes and care facilities are prime candidates for the hair washing robot which can help reduce burden on the stuff and cut costs while providing an important service for the patients..."

Read the full article at its source: http://thefutureofthings.com/news/11453/panasonic-tests-a-hair-washing-robot.html

Student Focus Question(s): Yes, it's a cool idea, but does the world need a hair washing robot? Would you let a robot wash your hair? Who could take advantage of this technology? Do you see any problems with this?

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  1. I would welcome a robot washing my hair since often I am too tired to wash it myself.

  2. I would welcome this since I am too tired to do it myself and my hair is very long.


  3. 660, I.S 62: Cristofer: "It might close down businesses like beauty shops". Mr. Grzelecki

    Basimah: "It might become uncontrollable" Mr. Grzelecki