Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Robots for Your Apartment: The Future IS Here!

"The Future is Here: Robot Sentries and Webcams...

We've always thought that when robots would truly arrive, life would get better. Being a fan of Asimov and robots, we've been waiting for a long time. The wait isn't really over, but more and more, artificial intelligence and robots are making their presence felt in our everyday lives. It's true that robots like the ones found in science-fiction will take a long time to be made into reality, but slowly and surely, they will come. We just hope that we don't have to bow down to our robot masters! In this post, we'll present two of the most recent useful robots that we've encountered. They are both linked to webcams, making them really interesting.

Rovio Robot Sentry

No, this isn't out of Aliens, but Rovio is the real deal. He's a remote controlled robot sentry. He will roam around your house and keep robbers out. Rovio was furst announced at the CES 2008 conference and recently went on sale for about $300. It packs a 640 x 480 webcam to stream video live in MPEG4 format. It can also snap stills, head out on customized patrol routes and avoid obstacles thanks to its infrared sensor. The robot itself comes with a charging dock and some room beacons, making it easier for Rovio to get around your place..."

Read the full article at its source: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/rovio-wifi-mobile-webcam-70490

Student Focus Question(s): If robot sentries like the ones described  in this article were  to become so popular that almost everyone had one at home, how do you think this would change our society? Our way of life? - What more than patrolling your house might you want these robots to do?

After thinking about this, you can enter your response using the "Commnets" function, below (to the left of the envelope icon). Feel free to identify your school and/or class....
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