Monday, March 16, 2015

STUDENT ROBOTICS: Robots + Kids = STEM Learning + Character & Social Development + Creativity Nourished & Unleashed

A couple of videos that speak a million words... I'm always impressed by the affect, the expression of genuine curiosity; the intense engagement in learning, doing, and making; the spirit of collaboration; and the pleasure in learning, discovering, and accomplishing that accompanies activities for kids when they are involved in robotics projects.

Girls love robots as much as boys do. Robotics is a great way to support girls with STEM Learning

It's easy to get started providing this variety of learning to kids. The book I wrote for ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) explains it all.


Click on book cover for information

Click on book cover for information
Getting Started with LEGO Robotics. Anyone who works with kids can do LEGO Robotics, a rich and highly motivating platform for important STEM Learning! (surprisingly affordable, too) This books explains it all!

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