Monday, March 16, 2015

What can kids build with LEGO Robotics Materials? 10 Videos that illustrate the flexibility and variety of robots possible to create with LEGO NXT / Robotics Materials


Paul the robot drawing Patrick"

 Time Twister - LEGO Mindstorms Digital Clock

Final Lego rollercoaster finished NXT controlled

LEGO - Tic Tac Toe

NXT Robot counting money!

NXT Fly Trap

NXT Electric Guitar

NXT Paper Airplane Launcher

Lego Mindstorms NXT Catapult Robot

The things (many of them involving required curriculum) that students can learn from conceiving, creating, and operating and trouble shooting these robots represent a dazzling range of highly relevant learning outcomes! In addition to the STEM learning, the language use involved in communicating with partner students; journaling the project; and documenting, presenting, and writing and publishing about the finished project, there are other, perhaps 'softer' but equally powerful outcomes - how to solve the initial challenge that the robot was created to address, as well as the myriad problems encountered and that have to be solved along the way - as well as understanding the significance of being part of a world in which serious human problems are solved with machines, computers, programing, and robotics! By the way, all of this and much more is explained in the book described below...

Click on book cover for information

Click on book cover for information
Getting Started with LEGO Robotics. Anyone who works with kids can do LEGO Robotics, a rich and highly motivating platform for important STEM Learning! (surprisingly affordable, too) This books explains it all!

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