Thursday, April 28, 2016

China's First Security Robot: Scary? - Funny? - Both?

China's 1st security & service robot 

" Riot Control Robot Unveiled in China Looks Ominously Like a 'Doctor Who' Dalek, May In Fact Be One"

“China's first intelligent security robot debuts in Chongqing,” reads the headline in the Chinese Communist Party official newspaper People's Daily. The riot control robot has a name, “AnBot,” and it's freaking everyone out even more than your regular garden variety riot control robots because the damn thing looks like a Dalek from Doctor Who. And nothing good comes from a Dalek.

Anyway, this thing looks ridiculous, and is getting tons of online ridicule. Also it can only chase you down on flat surfaces, not stairs, no robotic parkour moves. For now.

It was reported to be “capable of eight hours of continuous work” by People’s Daily, and who knows how long it takes to recharge. Is this even real.."

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