Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This ROBOT is a Smart Phone... ER, this phone is a ROBOT...

"World's cutest smartphone robot can be yours for a hefty price tag"

"RoBoHoN is adorable, can recognise your face, read your messages aloud, wake you up and announce phone calls, but is probably out of your price range...

The cutest robo-smartphone ever made is hitting shelves in Japan next month - but is it cute enough to drop almost £1,300?

RoBoHoN (which translates roughly as “heart moving phone”) is an adorable tiny robot, which doubles up as a smartphone. Or is it a smartphone that doubles up as a robot?

Either way, the happy little bot is a surprisingly powerful piece of technology in its own right.

Created by Japanese electronics firm Sharp, RoBoHoN is a 20cm tall robot phone. It’s capable of walking around your home or office (but probably on a table rather than the floor) and acts as a small personal assistant. It’ll read out phone messages, announce phone calls and even shout at you when it’s time to wake up... "

Read the full article at its source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/apr/14/robohon-worlds-cutest-smartphone-robot-can-be-yours-for-a-hefty-price-tag 

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