Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ROBOTICS: Reaching students on the autism spectrum

(below) From a nice piece from EducationDIVE (http://www.educationdive.com/news/robots-jumpstart-learning-in-some-us-districts-1/416955/   )... "Robots jumpstart learning in some US districts"

"Reaching students on the autism spectrum

In addition to promoting early engagement in STEM for students, robots can also help reach students with disabilities. Texas-based company RoboKind has developed Milo, a robot that helps special ed teachers interact with who are on the autism spectrum.

Milo looks like a person, with a range of facial features that allow realistc expression.He delivers pre-programmed research-based lessons that teach social behaviors, helping elementary and middle school students understand the meaning of emotions and expressions. The humanoid robot also can act as a role model of sorts, demonstrating appropriate social behavior and responses.

The concept underlying Milo’s usage is that students on the spectrum can be generally more comfortable interacting with non-humans. That means interacting with Milo facilitates a reduction in stress and anxiety.
“Recent research has shown that children working with a therapist and Milo are engaged 70-80% of the time,” the company RoboKind says, “compared to just 3-10% of the time with traditional approaches...”

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Click on book cover for information
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