Thursday, November 3, 2016

An adorable robot to teach kids how to code

Here's an interesting piece from QUARTZ

"An adorable toy robot is teaching kids how to code

 He can walk, do a funky dance, and even play soccer. Developed by the British robotics company Robotical, Marty the robot is supposed to be simple enough for children to program. Kids can write the software that powers Marty using Scratch, a graphic programming language that lets them drag and drop commands to build the robot’s movements. By using fewer motors in Marty’s legs than in other two-legged robots, the company was able to lower production costs and make Marty easier to program. Marty’s creator, Alexander Enoch, says he hopes the robot will be an affordable classroom tool that get kids excited about programming and engineering. The company plans to sell the robot in 2017 for around $120..."

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