Saturday, November 5, 2016

SBrick Plus: a New and Impressive Item to Add to LEGO Robotics

SBrick Plus is something I will definitely be taking a close and seriously look at...


SBrick Plus is a small building block to use in your LEGO models, allowing for remote control through Bluetooth or over the internet from any digital device. You can use our free app to program and control the SBrick Plus from your mobile phone, PC, tablet or game console. Equip children with more than just simple digital literacy. They will quickly learn and become highly skilled at programming and robotics, some of the most important fields today and the decades ahead. 

A key feature of SBrick Plus that it is compatible with Lego’s WeDo 1.0 sensors, and can be programmed using a number of languages. A separate adapter allows it to be connected to Mindstorms NTX and EV3 sensors. SBrick Plus is the first gadget to support Swift Playground, Apple’s programming language designed specifically with educational tools in mind.
The SBrick Plus is the perfect tool to raise young people’s interest in programming and robotics– whether at home or at school. SBrick has developed lessons and building plans to help children, with or without adult help, learn the basics of programming, develop and experience their creative power and enjoy seeing their designs come to life.

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