Wednesday, February 1, 2017

GIF Robot for STEAM Learning

Here's a simple approach to highly expressive robots that teachers and students can take some inspiration from and run with... A great crossover between Robotics and Art; true STEAM Learning - ScienceTechnologyEnigineeringArtMath

"The Peeqo Robot Communicates Using Only Animated GIFs"

"Who is Peeqo?

Peeqo, a cute desktop robotic assistant, communicates using animated GIFs. Abhishek Singh designed Peeqo for his thesis at ITP.

“Let me begin by telling you three things that I really love,” said Abhishek to as he kicked off his thesis presentation.

“The first thing that I really love is building things by hand,” he said. “I also love animated movies,” he went on. “And the third thing I love, which you’ve probably figured out by now,” referring to the screen behind him that has been displaying a variety of short looping videos to illustrate his speaking points, “is animated GIFs… these simple looping images that can communicate anything from emotion to information.”
So Abhishek combined all three of his loves and created an assistant to keep him company while he works. Abhishek sees Peeqo as a cross between Amazon Echo and a Disney character..."

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