Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Robot Hands and LEGO Robotics

"A grocery store is testing squishy robot hands to pack its bags"

"We’re getting really close to completely automated deliveries.
Ocado Technology, the research division of Ocado, a large UK online grocery delivery company, today showed off a robot concept that it has been working on with a range of European universities and Disney Research’s Zurich office. The robot is essentially a soft, malleable hand attached to a relatively standard industrial robotic arm that can be used to grip produce without damaging it...

...Ocado said in a blog post that it’s still developing its idea... this technology has massive implications for the possibility of robotics to displace aspects of the human workforce, particularly in the logistics industry.

The last few years have seen all sorts of projects and research undertaken to simplify and automate much of the labor-intensive work of packing, loading, and shipping goods to people. Amazon employs nearly 270,000 people across the world, the vast majority of whom work in its warehouses preparing orders to be shipped to customers..."

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