Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stylish Little Robot for Kids and Others...

"Piaggio Gita is Your new Robot Friend That Follows You Around"

"The company behind the iconic Vespa scooter has decided it was time to focus on other means of transportation, unveiling this stylish little robot, that could be your personal helper in the near future. Called Piaggio Gita, this cool robot is the first of its kind, a two-wheeled machine that’s able to track its owner and roll along behind them. But when you take a closer look at its top, you’ll have a real surprise, as a lid flips to reveal a storage bucket for cargo. With a carrying capacity of 18 kilograms, Gita is designed to operate on a human scale, and it will definitely prove in handy when you’re out shopping or traveling somewhere.

The electrically powered droid is also capable of operating autonomously in a mapped environment, so it can perform deliveries and pick-ups on its own..."

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