Friday, December 8, 2017

LEGO Robotics Kits - a good option for a kit-oriented resource for Student Robotics, Maker-learning, Learning Coding and Programming, Project Based Learning, etc.?

For Joe Videtto and other colleagues in the NYC school system:

What’s LEGO Robotics all about? Should teachers consider this a good option for a kit-oriented resource for Student Robotics, Maker-learning, Learning Coding and Programming, Project Based Learning, Digital Arts Projects, etc. etc?

Here are a few items that I think browsing through will shed some light quickly… and then, take a deeper dive into items that resonate!  I’ll supplement with more after a while.

A)  Some very basics...

MINDSTORMS EV3 What's in the Box? – Support – LEGO Education

Mindstorms EV3 is a current version of LEGO Robotics kit materials - most commonly used in upper elementary and middle school, although higher grades sometimes make good use of them, too.

MINDSTORMS EV3 Classroom Management – Support – LEGO ...

10 Classroom Management Tips For WeDo 2.0 |
"WeDo" is a variety of LEGO Robotics kit materials for younger children

1)      This (free) webinar from School Library Journal took place recently… much of this is focused on the ELA/Literacy instructional connection, much of it involving robotics, LEGO and other materials…

Take the Plunge: STREAM November 16, 2017 at 03:00 PM EST.
Use the link below to enter the webcast up to 15 minutes before the start.
Webcast Link:

2)      The links below from my blog Classroom Robotics (LEGO Robotics specific posts are highlighted)   
  One of the best things for a teacher considering making LEGO Robotics part of what he/she does with students to do, is to get a broad overview of what's working elsewhere, what are other teachers doing successfully with the resource, and what sorts of things do kids do with them independently... to that end, why not enjoy spending a little time browsing through the links below?I've selected the following links (from among many more) as a kind of scattershot overview of the wide variety of activities, projects, applications, and ideas that are associated with LEGO Robotics for education.
Amazing, Expressive LEGO Robot That Kids Will Love. 

3) I'll include My ISTE Book ‘Getting Started with LEGO Robotics’ as a truly comprehensive item for absolute, green beginners, as well as those beyond - those relatively new to LEGO Robotics (or those who simply want more insights into how its done) and those who are coaches and professional development and curriculum specialists who want to support newbees in getting started. One of the themes in the book that has struck a chord is that it is entirely possible for a teacher who is not a 'techie' or in a subject or responsibility area that would easily relate to technology, to get started with just a little independent effort and the interest and cooperation of the students! … The book explains this as well as the materials and resources,  organizations that offer programs (like FIRST Lego League, etc.), classroom and materials management, curriculum connections across the curriculum, etc. etc. etc.(not a free option, but the book description on this page gives an overview  impression of this area for those unfamiliar with it - obviously the book, itself goes into great depth on the areas mentioned) click link below...

Click on book cover for information

Getting Started with LEGO Robotics. Anyone who works with kids can do LEGO Robotics, a rich and highly motivating platform for important STEM Learning! (surprisingly affordable, too) This books explains it all!

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